Starting off in the diesel and automotive industry in 1982, Alan managed to acquire "Master Certification" in GM, Toyota, Lexus, Acura, Honda, Hyundai, Volvo and  Mercury/MerCruiser Marine.  

Alan started farming in 2000 and found he had missed his calling.  With the love of the land and the ability to retain everything he learns, it was quickly found that he was into the correct industry.

Growing, protecting, and harvesting crops requires advanced knowledge of agricultural elements, equipment, controls and operators. With M.S.AG.'s hands-on training, we teach application equipment operators the "Proper" way to utilize your equipment to gain the most production using the least amount of product.  Saving the grower (you) more.


M.S.AG. Takes pride in every piece of application equipment we build and service.  We stand behind all we touch with Alan Peacock's personal guarantee that you will be happy with what we do for you.  We will not leave your field's till you tell us that you are happy with what we have done for your company.

About Mineral Springs Ag.

Providing farmers with the knowledge and equipment to bring the highest yield out of their field.

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By the end of 2012 Alan had managed to acquire more than 61 certifications in electronics and mechanics of agriculture equipment.  By 2014 he held two "Master" Certifications with Highway Equipment Company on their New Leader brand.


November 1st, 2014 Mineral Springs Ag. Inc. (M.S.AG.) was born.  Located in Mineral Springs N.C. and covering a territory of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and parts of Florida and Tennessee. It was quick to see Alan couldn't do it on his own.  By March 2015, Mineral Springs Ag had grown to 5 employees and is expanding every day by leaps and bounds.  The personal touch to every customer and the ability to answer/help his customers at any given time is what makes Mineral Springs Ag what it is.